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textile printing solutions: partition walls, hanging frame, ceiling display, information display, divider

Magnetic Flex Floor Display

This advertising floordisplay is a convenient and efficient way to communicate your message to your customers.
Thanks to the patented fastening system you can have the two-sided promote your messages.
One display, two advertising surfaces, success guaranteed!

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Create any shape in rigid board materials.

Today’s competitive environment demands eye-catching POS stands and branded products made from unusual materials.

Textile frame, very large format wall-mounted or freestanding frames

High-definition design and quality: the frame is so thin that you can’t see it. The graphic is held tight and the colour
rendering is unbeatable because of its printed on the fabric using dye-sublimation
• Can be used on all surfaces because of its curved or straight edges
• Ultra-light structure, easily-interchangeable graphic that attaches to frame with a silicone edge
• You don’t need any tools to assemble the frame

Led Lightbox, for even more impact

– Even light diffusion
– Unbeatable colour rendering using dye-sublimation printing on fabric
– Environmentally-friendly: LED lighting system uses low amounts of electricity
– Suited for exhibition, event and store displays

Office scheidingswanden

Flexibele en makkelijk verplaatsbare scheidingswanden

  • Ideaal voor zakelijk gebruik
  • Hoog decoratief gehalte
  • Mogelijkheid tot gepersonaliseerde branding
  • Hedendaagse en moderne uitstraling
Office Divider Vario Textile Stretch Frame
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